Colleen Riddle has influenced so many families through health and wellness, helping them overcome challenges and reach their goals. Her passion has driven her to help guide others to a new level of health… and also created a career out of it! Being a coach, trainer, and published author, she focuses on physical training, nutrition, and most of all, advocates for clean-living! She has the ambition to inspire others as they strive to live better and overall feel better. On top of teaching individuals how to live a healthy lifestyle, she stretches even further by focusing on the infinite benefits of Young Living essential oils.
Young Living started in 1993 when D. Gary Young and Mary Young developed their first organic herb farming and distillation operation.  Now, Gary and Mary’s leadership with Young Living has caused the company to grow rapidly and become the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Many aware of essential oils may know you can find some just about anywhere now, but the quality makes all of the difference. Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise, meaning the production process is committed to maintaining the world’s purest essential oils and oil-infused products. They uphold the best standards, assuring soil free of pesticides, harvested in the purest way, and distilled properly. The oils are tested before being bottled and sealed and must surpass the potency standards that is faithful to nature. Young Living is free from additives so it can support your body’s systems. Along with the creation of a healthier world using nature itself, Young Living has also allowed individuals, like mothers and entrepreneurs, the opportunity to grow and produce careers globally. Young Living members give back on five different continents to underserved families.
Colleen adores the team she works with all over the country and is apart of the Bliss Movement, helping others live out their lives full out and how to greater their lives if desired. In her personal life, Colleen was doing it all by staying healthy but she noticed a piece was missing about a year ago when she discovered the number of toxins around her household. Astonished by the research regarding product ingredients surrounding her family, including personal care products, she learned these chemicals wreak havoc on our endocrine system, reproductive systems, and lead to many illnesses. She then started her mission to create awareness for others as well. In discovering Young Living, they eliminated the toxic products and made the transition to an even better life without chemicals. Colleen and her husband, John Riddle, live their life enjoying the Panhandle area and beaches, caring for and loving their animals, and overall wellness. They are able to venture out and help others understand the benefits to Young Living. Colleen has been a Network Marketing professional through Young Living for almost two years now and her passion for this company has only grown. She pushes for awareness of the long-term effects commonly known products have, and desires families to gain abundant living and healing that Young Living provides as well. The essential oils and products Colleen Riddle can advise you with can help create a less toxic environment and produce personal development in your own lifestyle! They have it all at Young Living, which creates an easy and trusted transition for your home. Not only do you reap the benefits from oils, but they also carry additional personal care products for children, men and women, and pets. Her passion involves her family’s pets and helping others in the community. They partner with Alaqua Animal Refuge to help support animals and families by holding monthly classes, providing natural resources, and giving those proceeds back to Alaqua. They have even provided every dog run with a diffuser!
Colleen’s passion is empowering others to see their greatness and create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. She says, “In today’s lifestyle, eating well, exercising, and avoiding harmful chemicals is a challenge. Every day, you’re faced with pollution in the environment, and way too many choices that can tip your bodies system out of balance. All of this adds up to a reduction in energy levels and a decrease in enjoyment of life. We offer many essential oil infused options for you to restore balance, from weight management to antioxidants and dietary supplements for specific purposes, and all in support of your wellness and to help your body feel its best!” Colleen’s enthusiasm stems from the countless benefits and healing her family has experienced themselves. She brings you along with her on her journey of clean-living through her blog. You can view her website and meet her to further start your new adventure! Her virtual office is always open and you do not even have to leave your home or office to start trying the amazing products available.