Desiree Collinsworth is the go-to distributor of the fantastic skin care and makeup line everyone has been chatting about. SeneGence International was founded in 1999 and has certainly thrived since startup, along with countless women that have also experienced the impact. SeneGence founder, Joni Rogers-Kante aspired to make a drastic switch in the cosmetics industry women are all accustomed to. She set out to create different products for women that want to look and feel beautiful, and that’s exactly what she accomplished. Desiree Collinsworth exerted that passion in her own business and individually decided to start this global network opportunity with Senegence International, embracing it ever since.

Her business is motivated by her own personal story, love for her family, and admiration for SeneGence products. Desiree is a dedicated wife and mother to five kids and has lived in the Panhandle for over 14 years now, enjoying and reaching out to the community. Senegence International gave her the freedom to create a flexible career at the time she needed it the most. Her career started a few years ago when she injured her back. She decided to become an Independent Senegence and Lipsense distributor, turning her tragedy into her testimony. Senegence has their non-profit Make Sense Foundation, that supports women and children in need. She advocates for the company and the story behind every purchase of the products sold because of her own obstacles through life she has overcome. This career has, in turn, become the encouragement she needed while being able to enjoy working from home and spending time with her family. 

Joni Rogers-Kante traveled to the other side of the world with a team of scientists and botanists to create anti-aging, skin care cosmetics that are great for your skin. The product formulas are one-of-a-kind and hold most of the botanical ingredients from the islands of Vanuatu and the South Pacific. By bartering for ingredients, such as volcanic ash and the plants that flourish within it, Senegence International has also helped improve their economic growth.

The revolutionary product lines to choose from are everlasting- and so is the time it stays on your skin! For a beautiful coverage of up to 18 hours, you are absolutely ready for work, a night out, or running errands without constantly checking the mirror. These products are designed for women of all ages and all styles. Meet your skin goals with anti-aging products feel and smell wonderful while they improve skin! Senegence created their first line Lipsense, and it has been a widespread success with so many varieties of colors to choose from. You can get the look you’ve been wanting with over 300 products to search through, designed for everyone’s style in mind!

Desiree can meet all of your cosmetic needs and looks forward to building her team and the company for many more years. Your makeup search and shopping are over, and even better- you don’t even have to leave your couch or your office! If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Desiree Collinsworth over phone, email, or visit her website.