Gary Martin started Destin Stucco Repair to create a family-oriented company specifically fit for excellent work. Gary has over 25 years of contracting experience! Opening up Destin Stucco Repair several years ago, his desire from the beginning was to create a business that was based on honesty, quality and personal customer service. His company specializes in residential and commercial Stucco, providing everything from new installation to repairing buildings to include water damage.

Being a local business, he understands his customers’ time is valuable. He and his team will show up and complete the job on time, not island time! He takes pride in customer service. They pick up the phone. Gary and his team’s first priority is meeting the client’s needs, and doing so the correct way. You may have heard endless stories about disappointing reviews of jobs done by companies that have either finished with atrocious work and messy or could never quite show up for the job! Some even short cut the jobs to quickly get paid without giving you a choice to repair it correctly. How would you know the difference between a shortcut or a proper repair? (You may have experienced it yourself!) You can be assured that this will not be the case with Destin Stucco Repair. Gary explained how there is serious lack of commitment from other businesses that could simply not show up on time for appointments, and his company is here to shine the light on how it should be on upon hiring a professional! His team is proud to put their name on their remarkable work.

Besides the beautiful style, something to keep in mind especially when living in hot and humid Florida, a stucco home requires less energy to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stucco can also help reduce sound, benefiting anyone living in a crowded neighborhood or across from a loud road!

Stucco creates quite an advantage to a building if kept up with correctly. Maintain your beautiful home or business with Destin Stucco Repair. Gary Martin’s home improvement expertise, as well as living here locally for 14 years, will guarantee your satisfaction with your home or business needs!

You can easily reach Destin Stucco Repair on their Website,  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and also contact Gary by phone and email. Servicing through Destin to Inlet Beach, the incredible jobs you find online will inspire you to give him a call for some new suggestions for your home or business!